Jeanette’s purpose for speaking events is to compel and foster God’s children into His word. 

Why? It’s where hearts are transformed and the journey of becoming who God created us to be takes off.

We learn God’s truth, God’s character and God’s voice through His word. In turn, we can discern Him speaking to us more clearly. This is where we’ll grow.


Presentations are based in scripture and peppered with personal stories–both humorous and transparent.




Each program prompts listeners toward a personal response to God. This is how every day people join God in His worldwide work through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jeanette will create a custom program to fit your ministry theme. The below sample is a custom presentation requested for “Ladies of Light”.  Or, download a copy of Jeanette’s speaker sheet here.


Rid, Crave & Grow–Beyond Believing

Using scripture from 1 Peter, this presentation inspires listeners to grow up in salvation.

  • What needs to go from our lives?
  • How can we desire more?
  • Why should we grow?

A message which challenges the new believer as well as the long-time church goer to approach God with newness, enthusiasm and intention. Available for women and youth audiences.


Plain Vanilla–Testimony of a “Good Girl”       

After years of believing the lie that she didn’t have a testimony, God revealed truth: Jeanette’s testimony is about her heart, not her circumstances. Based on Psalms 139: 23-24, hear how God can remove “hidden” offenses, including:

  • Perfectionism
  • Pride
  • Control

Many Christians are unwittingly burdened with these sins which God will remove and replace with passion for Christ. Available for women and youth audiences.

Jesus—Lord, Not Golden Ticket

Jeanette shares a burden God has placed on her heart: Much of American-style “Christianity” today is plagued with people who want the benefits of Jesus, without His lordship. The parables found in Matthew 25 are used to illustrate specific pitfalls of treating Christ as less than Lord.    

Don’t Eat From That Tree  

Just as Eve was tempted to take that infamous bite, Christian women today are often tempted to eat from a dangerous, worldly tree–one of false identity. The passage of Christ and the fig tree in Mark 11 are used to show how our old ways of thinking must be replaced with the new truth of Christ. Are we rooted in worldly measures for our identities? What can we learn from God’s word to change our appetites and our attitudes? 

To discuss having Jeanette speak at your event, please use the contact form.

In 2011, Jeanette partnered with Still Waters in their G.I.R.L. Conferences (God In Real Life). She developed the presentation for “Topping Vanilla Sundays” to encourage girls out of routine and head knowledge and into love relationship. An ice cream sundae bar adds a fun surprise at the end of the event. Use the contact form to bring this program to your group.

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