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How Should We Be Like the Manger?

The manger had to do with available space and time. Reading in Luke this morning, I am dwelling on God’s plans and timing. In Luke 2, we read how God planned the time for Christ to be born, and for it to coincide with the first ever census while Quirinius was governor of Syria.  It’s the type of detail I’ve often overlooked when reading scripture, but we must ask ourselves, why is it...

What is the Real Mission?

What is the real mission? After participating in a mission trip over the summer, a local church member shared with me how the real mission of every day life became clear. On the trip, I noticed a man in the distance, in the park close to where we stood. I knew God was telling me to share with him, just go talk to him. Ask his name and about his life.  The compassion felt for this individual while on a...

Seeking a Small World Perspective

“The world got smaller.”   This was the perspective switch shared by one church member after a mission trip to China. He’d never traveled abroad before. And it wasn’t the quickness of flying from one continent to another that brought this perspective switch. It was recognizing the commonalities rather than the differences. “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image,...

Yielding to God’s Plans – Life Lessons from Mission Trips

Recently, I interviewed several people who went on various mission trips over the summer. Some of them had been on trips before. Others had never been on a plane. Some traveled within the states and others overseas. Yet, there were common threads from each story. I’ll be sharing thoughts on these commonalities over the next few posts. The first common thread was this: Our plans were derailed and God...

If We Want to See Miracles

So I started a job recently and my postings have taken the hit. I’m getting myself  in a new rhythm. The job is exciting because it’s a ministry position–the opportunity to contribute for kingdom impact. What’s better? In some ways, it seems a miracle I’ve gotten this post up. I hope the simple message speaks to you as it has me over the last few days. I’ve been...

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