My Story

I fell into relationship with my Lord.

I’d been a believer and follower of Christ since childhood. I’d been a “good girl” all my life. Graduated college, married my high-school sweetheart, had three kids, a house, a dog. Stayed in church all the way through. Still, a deeper connection than believing and outward obedience needed to happen.

I cried out for more, literally. And He answered. That’s how I fell into true, growing relationship with God– Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (you can read a series of posts I wrote: Good Girl to God’s Girl here.)

Then What?

That prayer that led me into deeper relationship was in January 2006. I spent the next four years growing up in my salvation in the walls of my home. I prayed like never before. I studied in private like never before. I continued to participate in group study and began teaching. I sensed a future call on my life and was in a season of preparation.

In January 2010, inspired by the movie Julie & Julia ( the one where Julie decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and blog her experience), I began blogging as accountability to read through the Bible in a year. You see, I’d participated in numerous studies (all of which benefited my understanding and growth), but at that point, I felt God telling me, “Focus on reading my word, the Bible, not just Bible studies.” I took a step of faith to trust God would cultivate His direct word inside of me in addition to studies written by Christian teachers.

It was a busy year. My mother died in April. Our house sold in August. We moved in October.  All the way, my time with God and His word was there, and it became sweeter and sweeter. And, I finished!

Now What?

I’ve known for years God called me to write, teach and speak. I’m blessed to serve on the Women’s Council of my home church (Crosspoint Church)  and I am honored to consistently teach there each week.

In April of 2013, God placed me as Communications Director at Collin Baptist Association. This was my first vocational ministry position. During this time I learned a lot more and was co-creator of a digital prayer tool, Pray 4 Every Home. It continues to spread across the USA and has over 1 million recorded prayers for neighbors, by neighbors.

God made it clear to me that my assignment at CBA  was complete in December of 2015. I didn’t get to write as much as I used to during those days so now I’m writing a Bible study that’s been in my heart for the last 2 1/2 years.

I still sense increased speaking as a certain part of what God has planned, but wait on Him to do what He will in that area. In 2011, I served as a speaker at local youth conferences in the North Texas area. That same year, I graduated from Christian Communicators Conference . I’m also a graduate of Coach U for personal coaching training and completed and earned a certificate in Perspectives On the World Christian Movement–a course I highly recommend for any believer.

What I know for sure is the preparation season never ends. I completed the Bible again in 2012 and 2015. The personal growth in relationship never ends. I have a real life with a spouse, children and a mom-in-law who lived with me for 7 years. I’d be unfit to live with without my relationship with Christ.

If I can grow up in the wonderful Christian home God provided me, attend church my whole life, try so hard to be obedient and still not have this growing relationship until I was a mother myself….then anyone could.

Why Me?

For a long time, I’ve been hesitant to share this calling of writing and speaking. Because, after all,  I’m just “normal.” But isn’t that the point? God has been carrying out His plan of redemption through every day people since the beginning of time.

I have nothing to offer of any value outside of what God has given to me. It comforts me to remember He calls the weak (and believe me, calling a TV bug to study, write and speak is calling the weak). I don’t feel qualified, yet I feel compelled.

I’m not perfect, I don’t understand it all. I get moody and I get thrilled. I do lots of laundry (a husband and three kids – need I say more?) I have to venture into the black hole of my boys’ bathroom to clean. And I pray. I cry. I sing (off-key, in privacy of my home). I read. I write. I live a life God invited me to. I gratefully and humbly say, “Yes!”


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. I have to concur with Randy…Beautiful Family! : ) I haven’t been on invited life in a couple of weeks and was surprised when I went on today. I like the new format.

  2. Your Dad shared your story with me long ago and now this. He has a right to be proud of your God given gift and using it .

    May you and family be blessed !

    • Nelba, thank you! Grateful that in some of my weakest and devastating times, I answered God’s wooing instead of resisting His grace and help. Hope you are well!

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